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I want to know how do i mate my 2 parakeets i got a nesting box but they didn't go in it. Is there a particular time of the year you do this. what is their average life spand because i really love my parakeets.

Lisa's Answer
Going backwards through your questions, my Parakeet FAQ covers all basic parakeet questions including how long they live. They can live 7-15 years though some live 20 years or more.

On mating your parakeets ... ummm you can't "make" parakeets have sex :) Parakeets are very intelligent creatures and only have sex if they want to, just like humans. If you tossed 2 humans in a cage and then told them to make babies, would they? Who knows, it depends if they came to like each other enough to.

First off, of course, the parakeets both have to be adults. Young parakeets have little interest in sex :) Next, of course, they have to be male and female. While you might THINK they are, unless you are really certain, you could easily have 2 males or 2 females. They of course would lack the appropriate parts to connect together to make fertilized eggs with.

Even assuming you did have one male, one female, both adults, they might just not be interested in sex with each other. There are all sorts of reasons why. Parakeets are extremely intelligent and don't just mate with any random parakeet.

But I do have to say that you really should own parakeets for several years before you start thinking about raising baby parakeets. It is a serious thing, to cause new life to be brought in this world and be dependent on you. ALL sorts of problems can happen during childbirth. Heck even with human beings, I believe I was just reading that one out of 5 women *DIE* in Iraq while trying to have a baby. Those are real life human females who are pregnant in the year 2004, who are dying because of lack of proper care. Parakeets can get egg bound and can have other things happen to them. You would need to be able to help them through the process so they did not die. Baby parakeets are of course very tiny and can need medicine and other care.

Many breeders go through special training programs before they start raising young birds. Some even get college degrees in animal care. If you are going to take that step and start encouraging your birds to go through the stress of childbirth you need to at least have a book or two on the topic - and I *highly* suggest you go talk to a bird breeder in your area. Also be sure you get in contact with a bird veterinarian in your area and have the vet check out both parents to make sure they are healthy enough to breed. That way the vet also knows who you are so if you call her up in the middle of the night with an emergency, she'll meet you at the office to take care of it.

Once you've done those things, good luck with your breeding adventures!

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