Parakeet Injuries and Issues

These questions were submitted by visitors to this website, and were answered by Lisa. Please read through them and learn more about your parakeets! If you have a question to submit, please use our Parakeet Forum. You get instant responses!

Abnormal Beak
Air Sack Lump
Alarm Clocks, Steam and Cats with Parakeets
Animal Eating its Poo
Bird Burned by Hot Coffee
Birds and Diseases
Black Spot on Beak
Black Spots and a Lonely Keet
Black tip beak
Bleeding Leg
Bleeding Parakeet Wing
Bleeding Tail
Broken Foot
Brown Patches Above Cere
Bug Repellent in Cage
Bulging Parakeet
Carpet Cleaning and Parakeets
Cere Growing Upward and Curling
Crusting in Mouth
Curled Up Foot
Dangers of Teflon Pans
Darkening Feathers
Eye Infection
Feather Plucking
Feather Pulling - Mites or Stress?
Female Keet Slain by Male
Female Keets Laying Eggs
Growth on the Beek
Harlequin Parakeet and Poops
Incense Smoke and Parakeet Safety
Keet Attacked by Dog
Keet has Hole in Beak
Keet is Grumpy
Keet Losing Feathers
Keet Losing Feathers
Keet Moving Stress
Keet Shakes and Gained Weight
Keet Shivers and has Odd Stool
Keet Trying to Escape Cage
Keets are Pulling Feathers Out
Keets Plucking Out Feathers
Leaning Over on his Belly
Log Kills Birds
Male Keet Puffing Up
Mites and Lice
Molting and Bleeding
Molting Parakeet is Staying In the Cage
My Bird Shakes and Has Diarrhea
My Bird was Traumatized
My Keet is Limping
My Keet looks Manegy
My Keet Won't Move its Right Leg
My Parakeet Bites my Cuticles
My Parakeet Flies Funny
My Parakeet flies Loose but Isn't Hand Trained
My Parakeet is Freaking Out
My Parakeet is Screeching
My Parakeet is Sick
My Parakeet is Vomiting
My Parakeet Pants
My Parakeet Seems Sluggish
My Parakeets Always Scream
New Feathers or Mites
Nose Turning Colors
Not Chirping - Picking at Vent
One Bird Died - Remaining Bird is Lonely
Oral Medications for Keets
Paint Fumes and Keets
Parakeet Always Lays Down
Parakeet and Wet Droppings
Parakeet Cere Changing Size
Parakeet Died while Being Held
Parakeet Flying into Mirrors and Windows
Parakeet is Lonely
Parakeet Keeps Moulting
Parakeet Leaning and Twitching
Parakeet Rear End Swollen
Parakeet Stretching Neck and Swallowing
Parakeet Tail Feathers Yanked Out
Parakeet Tumors and Cancer
Parakeet Vomiting Hard Seeds
Parakeet with a Torn Cere
Poop Collecting on Tail
Pregnant Women and Parakeets
Pulse and Respiration
Red Under an Eye
Reddish Brown Spot on Cere
Runny Poops
Self Cleaning Oven Killed my 2 Parakeets
Sick Keet Not Eating
Sick Parakeet
Sleeping with Head Back
Sunken Cere Issue
Swollen Foot Keet
Teflon Pans = Death
Teflon Pots and Pans can Kill Parakeets
The Cost of Vet Checkups
Toes Turning Brown
Tumbling Bird
Tumors and Cancer
Tumors in a Parakeet
Two Keets Died Together
Vet Visits for Parakeets
White Area on Parakeet Beak

List of Parakeet Question Categories

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