Dangerous Foods for your Parakeet to Avoid

Parakeets are HIGHLY allergic to chocolate. Chocolate isn't great for humans to gobble up either, but at least we don't die from it. Parakeets (and dogs and many other pets) have nasty reactions to chocolate and can literally die if fed it. Keep the chocolate FAR away from your parakeets. Never leave it out anywhere that a parakeet might find it.

Avocados are another food that are highly toxic for many pets. If you enjoy avocados, be sure to do so in a very safe manner, far from your budgies.

Junk Food
Junk food such as pretzles, potato chips, etc. are pretty bad for you as a human, with the trans fatty acids and other nasty preservatives in them. Parakeets have VERY small bodies and even a small dose of toxin can kill them. It is really best to keep all junk foods away from them.

Apple / Cherry Seeds
It of course is important for your keet to get some fresh fruit in their diet. You can feed a parakeet fresh fruit such as apples and cherries, but be careful about the seeds as those have toxins in them. Thoroughly search the chunks of fruit for seeds before giving them to the budgies.

Lettuce is fine in the sense that it won't harm your parakeet. But as far as having meaningful vitamins, lettuce really has no nutrients in it. It's better to give your budgies other, healthier greens such as spinach. The more 'empty calories' the budgie fills his or her stomach up with, the less space that will be left for the foods they SHOULD be eating.

Milk and Dairy Products
Just like most adult humans, parakeets are lactose-intolerant. This means their tummies cannot properly digest milk and dairy products. Therefore, while small nibbles are fine, do not feed your parakeets a lot of dairy product.

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