I Can See You Naked

I am terrified of giving presentations. Even when I get together with people I have known for years, I become afraid if I have to stand up in front of them all and discuss a topic. All those eyeballs staring at me - I just know I will say something stupid, or they will lose interest in my discussion. I begin to shake and forget what I am going to say.

With "I Can See You Naked", Ron Hoff tries to ease the fear of public speaking - a fear that studies say is the most common fear in the US. It's more common than the fear of death, or heights! We all worry about what others think. While death might be far off, if you're standing in front of a group, their disapproval is right there, staring you in the face. With the average attention span being 10 seconds or less, if you're not actively engaging your group, you can lose them quickly.

While this book seems aimed at people giving a sales speech to businesspeople, there are certainly enough tips in here to help out casual speakers, trainers, and other people who have to speak in front of groups. There are hints on a warm-up routine. Advice about what to do the night before. Information about catching your audience's attention and keeping it. Warning signs in body language to watch out for. How to deal with bad situations, from faulty equipment to cranky audience members.

Sure, some of this advice is common sense - but other of it is quite helpful. Just having a list of options to try can be extremely helpful. There are suggestions about what to do with your hands, what to wear, how to say things.

One book will never solve all of a public speaker's fears. Only time and practice will do that. However, it really did help to read the book, and to get some concrete ideas of things to try to make things easier.

Well recommended.

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