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I've been living and birding in Massachusetts since 1997, and take several trips a year to bird in other locations. I have a TON of photos of the local Massachusetts bird on my BellaOnline Birding Site. If you go through the encyclopedia for chickadees, titmice, robins, etc., all of those photos were taken right here in my back yard.

You'll also find birding glossaries of terms, encyclopedias of birds, and much more on my birding site.

I do try to keep some personal notes here on my lisashea site but it's hard to keep everything updated :) You can see the latest version of my Birding Life List to see what you might find in both websites. My favorite birds for the longest time were puffins until I went out to Machias Seal Island and overdosed on them. Nowdays I enjoy the anhingas, egrets and magnificent frigatebirds of the everglades.

I sometimes remember to write down the first time I spot a bird in a given year. Here are some of my notes:

GrackleMar 1Mar 18
Red-winged blackbirdMar 10 Mar 22
RobinMar 29Mar 23Mar 22
Rufous-sided towheeApr 25May 1Apr 26
CowbirdMay 3
FlycatcherMay 20
OrioleMay 20
Rose-breasted Grosbeak-May 16
HummingbirdAug 6May 23

During a few years I kept weekly logs:
Weekly Logs from 1997-1998
1997 Diary Pages
Weekly Logs from 2000-2001

Both sets of logs show what an average home in Massachusetts ends up with in its back yard :)

For the most bird photos, visit my Online Travelogues for bird sightings and travelogues in Ireland, Alaska, Missouri, Florida, Cancun, and many other places.

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