Creating a Hummingbird Costume for Halloween

Enjoy hummingbirds? Why not dress up as one for halloween! Here are some great suggestions for creating your own hummingbird halloween costume. You can do it the easy way with no sewing at all, or use your sewing talents to make a truly special outfit!

Start with the long snout. It would be really difficult for you to talk and eat if the projection was actually your mouth (as it is on a hummingbird). Instead, for an easy costume, find a dark green or black baseball cap and connect on a long piece of balsa or plastic for the beak. You probably want it light and flexible so it doesn't hurt someone if you turn suddenly! If you're more industrious, create a head-cap in dark green.

Next, the neck. A hummingbird male has a row of red shiny feathers along the neck, then white below. Then the body is green. So if you wore a shiny red stone necklace or red crystal necklace, then a white turtleneck, and a dark green V-neck sweater, you'd have about the perfect look for it.

If you want to have wings, you have a variety of choices. You could make two thin green wings out of tissuepaper and thin wire. You could also go with the "hovers" aspect and just attach a toy propellor to your back :)

The legs and feet of a hummingbird are just black. Find a pair of black tights or leggings, with black sneakers to finish off the costume.

Hummingbirds love sugar and nectar, so at the party be sure to buzzzzzz around a lot, flitting from guest to guest, and showing a keen interest in any sweet foods being served!

If you dress up as a hummingbird (or see someone else dressed as one) please post photos in our birding forum!

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