Apr 22 - Photos of Poison Ivy Rashes
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These photos are 3 days from the previous ones. Here is that same area of my left side, now on 4/22. You can see that more of the stripes have flared into action. It's not that I added more oil to those stripes, or scratched the stripes. They just "developed over time" :) Like a time-elapse film.

As it turns out, we'd apparently gotten oil on the futon, when we first came home. So every time I sat on the futon to put on some anti-itch goop, I got more oil on new parts of me. We quickly began washing everything we could in the house, to make sure that the re-contamination did not keep going.

Below is my stomach full-on, also on 4/22. The stretch marks from my pregnancy (which was over 16 years ago now!) are usually invisible - now they are quite visible with the rash. You think it's bad now - but these are just little spots. Over the next few days, my stomach will develop into a solid rash.

Next, still 4/22, is my left side, from the back. It really seems that it must be my boyfriend's hands that get the oil on them, as the streaks are showing up around my torso, where he would hold me. Hmmmmmmmmmm.

Finally, also on 4/22, this is looking at the right front side of my torso, at a strange angle. Blame my boyfriend's photography. You can see my belly-button on the upper right to get a sense of scale. These are not tiny rashes, they are big but separate rashes.

At this point I am taking hot showers multiple times a day to help with the itching, and putting on lotion after each shower. I am using the thick white Aveeno lotion on my right side, and the thin clear Caladryl lotion on my left side.

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