Apr 24 - Photos of Poison Ivy Rashes
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Here is my left stomach area, with the stripes. You can see how the stripes have become more "raised" - more like a welt with a hard top vs a rash deep in the skin itself.

What's interesting is that by 4/24 the nature of the itching had changed. Up until now it had been a deep in-the-skin itching like there was something "bad" in the skin to itch out. But now it was more itching at the top of the bumps - like when you have a scab and you want to itch the scab off. It's better in a way - you can deal with a scab itchiness.

This next picture was taken at an angle, and is of my left side. You can see part of my stomach to the left and part of my back to the right.

The rashes were now more like raised welts I suppose, so instead of the skin being swollen it was more like you had welts that were going to scab over and go away. It was encouraging. It was still VERY itchy.

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