Photos of Poison Ivy Rashes

On Wednesday, November 16th we took our very last steroid dose at about 4am. We were feeling good about things because the itchiness was quite under control. We thought it would be no problem at all going off the steroids. In fact, I was feeling fairly "off" and figured the steroids were causing it, so I wanted to get off them.

I woke up Wednesday morning about 4am after getting 7 hours of sleep, and got a ton of work done, from Mused voting to schoolwork and other tasks, until it was time to go to darts at 8pm. I was tired during darts, but did last until we got home. The day went fairly smoothly. So this gave me a false expectation that the "worst was over" and that now it was just a matter of healing up :)

Poison Ivy Rash Photos - the 2011 outbreak

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