Removing the Poison Ivy Urushiol Oil
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Your #1 priority if you ever even THINK you were touched by poison ivy is to remove all traces of urushiol oil from your skin. In addition you want to get it off of clothing, shoes, pets, tents, etc. Anything that touched the urushiol oil must be completely cleansed. If not, then the next time you touch that object, you will be recontaminated with the oil, and the whole cycle will begin again.

First, your body. You only have an hour or so before it soaks in. Wash your body quickly with water. Soap doesn't "destroy" oil, and might even make things worse by letting the oil spread around your body more. So it's best just to wash and scrub GENTLY with water of whatever temperature you can find.

Now, all other objects. Put all clothes into the wash. Wash your shoes. Wash your pets. If you leave oil behind on any object, it is going to recontaminate you the next time you touch it. TECNA offers an anti-oil wash that helps to break up the oil and get it off yourself and your clothes. Remove all traces of the oil, everywhere.

Unfortunately, within 2-3 hours, if you did not get that oil OFF your skin, it has already absorbed into your skin and you are now in rash-maintenance mode. There is NO way to get the oil "out" of you once that point is passed. The oil has already metabolised into quinone derivatives, the quinone derivatives are already hooking up with keratins. The white blood cells are on their way. Within 8-24 hours, the rash will begin in earnest. Yes, you always want to get the oil off so it does not spread around and start even MORE rashes. But now you in addition have to deal with the rash that is forming.

Poison Ivy Cures, Help and Information

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