Adventure - Colossal Cave Walkthrough:
Level 3 - Vases and Pearls

Level 2 is really short and at this point is just used to get through to Level 3. When you PLUGH back to Y2, go south, down, west and down to get to Level 3. This is a pretty big level.

You start in the Complex Junction. First, go north to the oyster. Open it with the axe (depending on your version, in some you have to wait until you get the Trident) and a pearl will pop out. Go down, down to get where it rolled to. +7 points for picking it up, +9 at the house. Heading east gets you into the Bedquilt which leads to all sorts of interesting rooms.

If you get into the Slab Room, head south then east to the eastern Two Pit room. Go down into the eastern pit and get some oil to refuel your lamp. Go east to the Swiss Cheese room.

From here go E to the Soft room for the pillow. Go west and NW to the Oriental room for the Ming Vase (+7 to pick up, +9 to drop ON THE PILLOW at the house). Go back SE and NE to the bedquilt and drop off your treasures. Note that you must drop your pillow FIRST, then drop the vase so it lands on the pillow.

Adventure - Colossal Caves Walkthrough
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