Banjo Tooie
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Try not to read ahead! This game has ton of neat surprises in it. If you have any tips to add in, be sure to email me! I'll be sure to credit you in the notes!

General Notes
Cheato the Book's Cheats
Jinjo Listing

Area Walkthroughs
Spiral Mountain

Isle o' Hags: Jinjo Village
Isle o' Hags: Wooded Hollow
Isle o' Hags: Plateau
Isle o' Hags: Pine Grove
Isle o' Hags: Cliff Top
Isle o' Hags: Wasteland

Mayahem Temple
Mayahem Temple: Jade Snake Grove
Mayahem Temple: Prison Compound
Mayahem Temple: Treasure Chamber

Glitter Gulch Mine

Witchy World
Witchy World: The Kids

Jolly Roger Lagoon
Jolly Roger Lagoon: Atlantis

Grunty Industries

Terrydactyl Land

Hailfire Peaks (lava)
Hailfire Peaks (ice)


Walkthrough Master Index

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