Diablo 2
The Amazon

The three sets of skills an Amazon can learn are Javelin and Spear, Passive and Magic, and Bow and Crossbow skills. As a young Amazon, you have a bunch of javelins. They're cool because they are a cross between a melee and a range weapon. It might be good to focus on spear as your weapon of choice. It's hard to be a good single-player character with just range weapon skills. Note that this is a very hard choice for me personally, because I Love the bow.

With a javelin, when you stab you only do a few points of damage, but do more when thrown. You can normally set up a left-click to stab, right-click to throw, so you're set for all situations. They come in quantities of up to 60 in a bunch, and once you start playing with your various skills, they can become very powerful.

For example, a passive/magic skill is Critical Strike. This gives you a % chance for your attack to do double damage. As it's a passive skill, it is always in action. It's also good to get Dodge so you can avoid being hit yourself :)

The Amazon has no healing skills, so it is very important for the character to find equipment that helps her heal, and to carry lots of healing potions.

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