Diablo 2
The Barbarian

Yes, you can name him Conan if you wish, but the Barbarian is far from just being a mindless brute. Here are some tips on playing the Barbarian to create a true Conan the Destroyer.

Barbarians have Combat Skills, Combat Masteries, and War Cries. For a young Barbarian, it is important under Combat Masteries to choose skill in whichever weapon you begin with - usually the Axe. Swords are normally faster, so you might want to move to this when you are able to. Maces are good against the undead. Whichever you choose, stick with it so you can become really good in this weapon.

Under War Cries, the Find a Potion ability is truly helpful. You might even want to concentrate on this initially more than the weapon skills. This lets you examine a corpse and find a random potion in its stash. This lets you recover health and mana - this is the way you keep yourself alive, since you do not have any healing spells or abilities. Later on, you can graduate to Find Item which will also help you fund your expeditions.

Keep an eye on the Combat Skill Bash. While it isn't necessarily useful to use this skill, this is required for you to get the Double Swing skill which is quite handy. This lets you use two weapons simultaneously, and is available after you've reached Level 6.

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