Final Fantasy X Walkthrough
Flint and Tinder

When you go forward from your first save spot in the "future", you'll get a hi potion on the left, then fall into th water. 3 Sahagin will attack, then a Geosgaeno. Don't worry much about it - after one hit it'll chase you and you'll be safe, although trapped, in a circular room.

There's a save sphere in here, and a cold campfire in the middle. You want to be warm. Go north and get some tinder from dried flowers in a wall vase. Just past them, on the balcony, is a hi potion in a chest. Now back to the south, in the room with the overturned table, is some flint. Go back to the campfire and you'll start a fire.

Now you're attacked by a Klikk, but again, don't worry. A girl - Rikku - will come with her pals. They're Al Bheds, and they'll help you out. You of course can't understand them yet.

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Final Fantasy X Walkthrough

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