Final Fantasy X Walkthrough
The Calm Lands - Entering the Plains

The road ends!! Now there are only plains. Don't worry, everything is still pretty uni-directional so you can't get lost. The plains are closed - only one way in, only one way out. Maechen tells you this was once a battlefield between Bevelle and Zanarkand, and the chasm in it was caused by Gandof. Head left to the shop and the save sphere.

Father Zuke is there and warns you that the group has been targetted to be killed on sight. He says you should avoid the temples.

An Al Bhed is there with a message from Cid. He says "We've gone to repair the airship. We'll come get you when we're done. Until then keep Yuna safe or you'll be sorry, kid". In essence you don't get the airship back until you finish up with Lady Yunalesca at Zanarkand, when it just appears in front of you.

Right above the store is a chest with a lvl 2 lock. Two chests to the far southeast have 15,000 gil.

To the left of the store is Belgemire with her aeon duel. Go in with Bahamut on overdrive and blast her. You get 30 power sphers and aeon's soul.

To the far left bottom corner is the Al Bhed primer XXIII.

To the middle left, you can train chocobos!!

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Final Fantasy X Walkthrough

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