Final Fantasy X Walkthrough
The Calm Lands - Training Chocobos

Everybody loves to ride a chocobo!! You learn how to ride chocobos in the calm lands. Note that first you have to find a chocobo trainer. This chocobo trainer is ALWAYS somewhere on the calm land map. You will find the trainer in one of three locations:

* By the entrance at the very top of the map, on the way to the bridge
* By the far left end of the map, to the left of the shop
* By the very bottom end of the map, up by the exit on the ledge

Whereever you find that trainer, you now must go through a training course to learn how to ride the chocobos.

The first test is going left and right. Just keep your chocobo going straight. Not too tough, you get an elixir.

Next is wobbly, you have to dodge things. Again, not too trickly.

Finally is the hyperdodger where you do both! It just takes a little practice but it can be done.

Now finally the race, where you have to grab balloons and dodge the birds. Go for balloons but don't waste too much time if you miss one. Just keep going. Once you're set, you know how to grab chocobos!

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Final Fantasy X Walkthrough

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