Final Fantasy X Walkthrough
Gagazet - The Prominence

You're up at the top of the mountain now, and you find a frozen wall with lots of people in it. There's a spiral of blue going up from them. You find out these are the Fayth.

Tidus touches one of them and ZAP he's back in his old Zanarkand! You can see the boat you lived on - go into the door in its side to the right. The young boy Fayth is in there and he talks to Tidus. Now head out.

You talk about the war between Bevelle and Zanarkand, which happened after the time that Tidus lived in. Zanarkand was doomed to destruction. The summoners of Zanarkand put together their powers and became the Fayth, and all began dreaming about their Zanarkand that had been destroyed. This Zanarkand (the dream one) is the one that Tidus lived in - it was really a dream that all of the Fayth were maintaining.

Since Tidus and his father Jecht were both touched by Sin, they are more than just dreams. The Fayth are tired of dreaming all this time and would like to stop dreaming. Which would mean that the 'dream Zanarkand' (i.e. Tidus' home) would go away.

Note that some of the side passages in here get you things like a Lvl 4 Key Sphere and a HP sphere. So be sure to explore a lot now, or to come back later.

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Final Fantasy X Walkthrough

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