Final Fantasy X Walkthrough
Air Ship - Highbridge

Head north from Highbridge when you land. The guards will try to stop you, but Shelinda comes in and lets you through. You get to go talk to Mika. He rambles on about how hopeless everything is now. You learn that Yu Yevon is a summoner from way back that crafts the souls of the dead into an unholy armour - i.e. Sin. Yu Yevon hides within that armour and when it's destroyed he just uses the aeon that destroyed it to make a new one.

Then he vanishes. Now the little boy Fayth appears and Tidus and Yuna go to talk to him. When he asks you questions, say yes, the hymn might slow him down. The boy warns that Sin might not be able to hear it. You then say fighting Yu Yevon should do the trick. The boy says yes, everything will be fine once Yu Yevon is slain. He says again that Yu Yevon was a summoner who lives inside sin. He says the Fayth will help Yuna fight Yu Yevon.

He also says again that once Yu Yevon is dead, the Fayth will stop dreaming and the old Zakarkand (the one Tidus lived in) will vanish forever.

They go talk to Shelinda and ask her to have everybody in Spira sing along when the ship starts playing the melody of the Hymn of the Fayth. She agrees.

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Final Fantasy X Walkthrough

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