Dune Cerulean

Dune Cerulean
Ah, the Blue Planet. This one is interesting. You begin in the landing area, of course, and there's a gold bar here to grab, shield guys to kill, and a life door. There is also full pistol ammo, shotgun cap increase, and pistol cap increase. There is a tunnel area before you hit the life force door and a second door that's currently locked.

The next room is HUGE. It's a big open area with dunes and mountains around all the edges. Hunt around in here for 2 more gold bars. One is to the left, on a drain, and the other is immediately to the right when you enter this room, by a single drone. The exit door won't open until you find the tri-rocket. There is full machine gun ammo and full homing missles in the big room, and various drones. When you have the 3 gold bars, return to the first tunnel area.

There's a little room to one side where Fishface now will trade you a tri-rocket for those gold bars. You also get a Gemini Capacity increase (to 9). Now you can get out of the bigger room.

The next room has six teddy bears, a yellow key, a totem, and four coins. Nothing else. Move along.

You're now in a strange green stalagmite room, with a series of flyers flying around in a path. Shoot them with machine guns. You get a full machine gun ammo to help with that. There is a yellow key door you can't enter, pistol capacity increase, a life force door, and a normal door.

The normal door just leads to a room - Gemini capacity increase (to 10), full machine gun, four coins, and homing missiles. Back to the stalagmite room.

Now through the life force door, into a tunnel. You'll have to look at the map I drew to get through this one! You get trirocket capacity increases, full health, tons of ammo, and tons of drones to kill in here. Eventually you exit the tunnel area.

When you exit the tunnel, you find the launch pad, and your last two teddy bears. That's it!

8/8 teddy bears in 20:00

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