Esherbone: Thorax

Esherbone: Thorax
OK, you're wandering in the first room and an axe comes down past you! There's a bear on a pillar that you cna't get. There is also two machine gun ammos, a pistol capacity increase, a cluster bomb capacity increase, a grenade capacity increase. What are they preparing you for??? There are lit walls. One simply leads to a merchant machine, but the other two are rooms with stuff :)

The second room from axe-room has money, plasma shotgun ammo, and a wooden door. Blow out the wooden door for homing missles and for a fuel pad. Now return to axe-room.

The final door from axe-room leads to a tunnel full of barrels and drones. There are also 5G health gems. Kill off the drones to open up the life force door.

This is a circle room with a bridge over it, and strange purple-striped bumps. Remember them, you're going to see this room again. There are drones and flying guys, two magenta key doors and a life force door. Use the force, Lupus :)

This tunnel has two tri-rocket ammos, health, drones, two hommy missle ammos, and a big guy at the end by a life force door. Kill him!

Next you're in a room made of red gook. There are fly guys, and a rock in the middle. On the rock are full machine gun, full plasma shotgun, full tri-rocket. There is a life force door in the tunnel.

OK, the tunnel has drones to kill and a full machine gun ammo. Yes, another life force door when you're done.

OK, this is a strange red room with ribs!! There are barrels, two bears, and tons of bad guys. There is also ammo. Full machine gun, full homing missile, full tri-rocket, full plasma shotgun, health, coins. Move along through the life force door.

Now you're in a tunnel with barrels and a big guy at the end. Yup, another life force door awaits.

Aha! You're now on the path over the purple-striped-bump room. Remember that one? Over you go!

Back into a tunnel, this one with machine gun ammo, tri-rocket ammo, barrles and drones. And a life force door.

Part 2 of this level!

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