Esherbone: Thorax 2

Esherbone: Thorax 2
OK, a big red gook room. They're pretty nasty looking. This has water too, and stairs into it. There is full homing ammo and a ton of fly guys to kill. Jump to the last Gemini Capacity Increase (12) and then head out the life force door.

Back to tunnels! But it opens into a red gook room with a pathway floor and lots of bugs. You get a magenta key. There's a fuel pad here to ignore, and a magenta door. First, use the life force door. This leads to a Floyd level.

The Floyd level is a "get the DNA" race. Just run through the patterns - there's glass before and after each set of DNA to shoot - and grab as many as you can! When you're done, return through the magenta door.

The Magenta door leads back to our favorite Purple Striped Bump room (remember it?) and now you can go out the other one, into your Circle Prep room.

The Circle Prep room is full of all health and weapons. Always a bad sign - you're about to face the boss. In you go!

This is the worst boss of the three, as you probably figured. First off, this poor baby bear is trying to get to you and two Grasshopper-monsters are tormenting it. You have to kill them in turns. First shoot off the red and green guns from each. Then shoot off the head piece for each, then finally kill each one. You really need Floyd help for this!! It's pretty tricky.

You do get a grenade capacity increase on your way out, and that's it!

2/12 bears

Part 1 of this level!

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