Goldwood: Intro areas

Goldwood: Intro areas
OK, you've sat through the intro movie and now you, as Juno, have come down onto the planet. The lovely planet Goldwood. Four health gems greet you. Look around - seems a little ... Ewoky to me. And look, who comes over, but Yoda! Erp, I mean Magnus, here to talk to you by the lovely waterfall. How nice. He tells you a sad tale, and you go through the first door.

The second intro area has lovely water, cliffs around you, a blue sky, a bridge to wander over and a building with a Saturn curtain. Ignore that for now, and follow the wall around to the right, before the trees. There's a secret passageway in there!!

You get to a room with a pond in it. Down at the bottom of the pond is a secret totem that Vela has to activate (she can swim). There is also the Fish Food box here! You can ... feed fish with it! They're so cute :) OK, back to the Saturn curtain.

In there is King Jeff. He tells you yet another sad tale, and if you hop up the stairs you'll find an Gemini Capacity increase (to 7 units). That's much better than these sad tales. There's a yellow door you can't enter until you come back as Vela later on. There are pretty fish in the water. You then have to talk to Magnus again, who tells you about green lights and red lights and finally lets you kill a few drones so you can move on ... into "Outset".

Later as Vela -
Vela has to come back to this area once the pyramid is entered - she has the yellow key. There is an underground path that leads to a campfire and a box with shurikens (VERY helpful), health and ammo.

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