Goldwood: Lodge

Goldwood: Lodge
The entrance to lodge is in the waterway that you come out in when you leave the "underground area" in Outset. Only Vela can go into the Lodge area, because she's the only one that can swim.

The first area has a machine gun capacity increase. You find a Saturn- door with four teddy bears and a shuriken capacity increase inside. Fun :) There is a paddle wheel over toone side, and two grenade capacity increases. Now you go up a log on the left to the upper level.

There is a Saturn door up here too - get the cluster bomb increase, but ignore the robot-friend for now. Cross the bridge to get three tri-rocket capacity increases. Now you can go back and use the robot to fill up your supplies :)

OK, on to the next room. There are fly guys and ants here, and fires. Near the fire is a full homing missile ammo, and a life door. Around to the other side is a sniper, fly guys, shield guys, and a full machine gun ammo.

Through the life door are around 8 big guys, with two invincibilities. You need those :) Fight off the various enemies, grab the full machine gun and plasma when you need them. Grab the two tribals in here.

Off to one side is a room with TONS of flying guys, and a full health. Take them out. Note the 3 homing missiles on the left! Now you have to jump to get 3 tribals here - if you don't get them in time before the pillars fall, just leave the area and come back again. They'll reset on top.

Finally, you'll hit an area with four doors. Door 1 left has two bears. Door 2 left has coins. Door 1 right has the robot, and Door 2 right has 2 more bears. Nothing too exciting. That's it! The next room has the ship, and you leave, arriving on ... a burning spaceship!

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