Military Base Ichor 2

Military Base Ichor 2
The colored platform room! This one is fun. When you step on a pad, the matching platform moves. You have to coordinate where platforms are so you can move from island to island. You get family of 3 bears, a merchant, a grenade capacity increase and homing missle increase under one of the ramps.

Ick, the killer floating platform room. This one is nasty. There's a bear on the doorway (you can't get), two by you, and a fuel pad. Also there's homing missle capacity upgrade. If you leap across to the door, you get to the lava room; if you go through the bottom door, you get to a bridge.

The lava room is really nasty too. Go in with 2 lives left! If you run and jump straight across the lava, burning as you go, you have just 1hp left when you reach the other side. You get a bonus totem, and are now at a door you can't open. You turn around, die, and restart at the other end. That's all to this room.

The bridge room is tough. You're outside under stars, with flying guys and shield guys, crates and coins. Take out as many units as you can. It's easier to do this if you have Floyd with you. Take out the guns on each side of the bridge, or swim across the water to get to the other side, it's safer than the bridge.

Ah, safety. This yellow striped room has lots of health and weapons. Always a warning sign. Yes, you have reached Vela's BOSS room. Go on in.

This is fun. You're on a platform over lava, facing a giant lava monster with four guns. Dodge the larvae he throws at you - they're grenades. Just keep shooting at the gun bits, and in no time at all you'll have him destroyed. He was far easier than Juno's boss!

When you're done, you collapse, and Lupus comes over to greet you. The Spawn ship chooses that moment to take off, so you send Lupus out to it. Then you get into your own ship, and head down to Mizar's Palace.

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