Mizar's Palace: Chasm

Mizar's Palace: Chasm
You start out on a hill with 2 teddy bears. There's a stone gate, and then you're in the shiny-floor-room. Pretty pink sky, aqua highlights on the towers, very lovely. Also in here are a ton of flying guys and three bears. Leave through the life force door.

Through the door is a night vision goggles box and a pad to use them. Step on the pad - the door behind you will close, and the one in front open. Now you're in GreenVision :)

There is a series of tunnels, with drones, two shotgun increases, plasma ammo, machine gun ammo, money, health, full homing missile ammo, two machine gun capacity increases, and a grenade capacity increase. There is a hole in one wall with three bears.

When you come up through the rock, there's a bear there. You fly to th ewater, and under the waterfall is another bear. There are three grenade capacity increases and the final two bears.

By the time you exit, you should be in pretty good shape!

10/10 bears, 9:50

You're probably the final one of the three to reach the pyramid. Go in, and now you watch this really long video that ends with you all facing Mizar. Lupus is the brave one who jumps over the fire to face him, and you should be able to defeat him pretty easily. Once you do, He'll threaten to destroy earth and climbs into a meteor.

Your task now is to find the missing components for a teddy bear spaceship, and also to rescue all teddy bears everywhere. Now every team member can go to every planet, though. They can all also fly, using the fuel pads scattered around the various worlds. Back to work!!

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