Jet Force Gemini

Rith Essa: Landing Area
You begin in a landing area, in the middle of a pretty area with little waterfalls and lots of water. There's a tri-rocket launcher, pistol capacity increase, a blue key door, and two other doors. The regular door leads to "Interior", described separately. The little wooden door to an area here.

The wooden door opens into a cozy house area. There's cluster bombs, a dog, a Gemini Capacity Increase, and a house.

The house has the dog's owner, Fernando, and a hot stove. Fernando apologizes for "Flopsy" being trouble and says he'll give you the key for the mine in return for a book. This key allows Vela to get into the mine area.

The doghouse has lots of little bear bits in it, but nothing else. Pretty gross!

Jet Force Gemini Walkthrough

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