Tawfret: Bridge

Tawfret: Bridge
Yes, bridge begins with ... a bridge. Kill off the flying things, grab the four bears and the shotgun capacity increase in the water. There are bubbles down to a cave, for Vela to investigate later. On the left is pistol capacity increase, and a mystery capacity. There's a door off to one side.

Through the door is a fun roon. Grab the invincibility first. There are lots of flying things, and lots of health gems. The health of course resets if you leave the room, so use this room to heal back up in. There is also full machine gun ammo, plasma shotgun ammo, tri-rocket ammo, jellyfish flyers, and more flyers. Stay alert :) There's a lifeforce door to leave so you have to get them all.

The next room is boggy with a tree. There are many red drones in here - follow the path and clear them out first, then head to the tree. There's a pair of pants in the tree in the center, and a cave behind it. Follow the path along the outside to get to the next room.

This is the castle room. No drones at all! In the cathedral is Gimlet who wants his pants back - he gives you the crowbar for the trapdoor back in the previous (Bog) area. There's lots of health and money in here, plus full grenades and full tri-rocket ammo.

A door to the right has a teddy bear in it - the drone guarding him gives up, so don't shoot him! There is also a sniper rifle here.

Floyd's head is on a pole on a wall - he wants his other three pieces. They're all off this room. The first piece is in fact in this room, on top of a wall. It looks like a sparkly cloud.

For the next piece, go up to the chimney and jump in. You'll be in a column room and tunnel complex. There are coins, tri-rocket ammo, two teddybears and a floyd sparkly piece. If you shoot out the crates and crawl behind them, you'll get some remote mines. You can see the remaining Floyd piece and a teddy bear through some bars. Find the other crawl spot for two more teddy bears, coins, sniper rifle capacity increase, and a mystery capacity.

For the final piece, shoot the door out besides the cathedral. There is a flares box. Down stairs is a tunnel with torches with the last teddy bear and the final floyd piece.

When you reassemble Floyd, he'll become your companion and a second person can use him to help you! Great teamwork play. Also, he can go into certain levels to win races.

12/12 teddy bears, 30:00

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