Lupus' first mission! The Spawnship is sort of hard to map, there are lots of similar-looking rooms and he can fly, so there are many levels on each one. What I've done is labelled the rooms A, B, C, D, E, F and the central "Big Water Room".

You start out in room F - the landing area. You get a Gemini Capacity increase (bringing you to 7), a plasma shotgun, machine gun and some coins. At the top of the elevator is a machine gun cap increase and a pistol capacity increase. You'll notice that the pup can fly sideways, but cannot fly up. Ah well.

You go into "Room A". This room has the bridge you're on across the top, a second bridge across the middle with a red door on each end, and the lower level. There are flying guys to shoot, and a teddy bear on top of one door. Fly down to him. The lower level of Room A has crates, bugs, and green water. There's an underwater tunnel and life. The only door out leads to the Main Water Room.

Water Room
Ok, let's talk about this huge water room. It has six doors in it. The one opposite the stairs leads back to the landing/elevator room (F). That's easy. The one to its right, that you just came out of, is A, then next to it is B, the stairs lead to C, then comes D and E. There's nothing else in this room.

If you go back to the elevator, back up into A and across, you'll end up in Room B. This is the platform room. There is a big guy across the way - kill him. There is a teddy bear to your left. There is a shotgun and machine gun capacity increase. Now the trick. You don't have to jump on those platforms! Just jump onto the crate, jump up into the air, and fly across. It's much easier. The lower level of B has a teddy bear, two machine gun ammos, and the one door back into the water room.

Room B then connects to Room C. This is a grey metal room with lots of crates. This has 3 shield drones to kill, platforms, a pistol capacity. There is a sniper below too. First, jump into the tube at the side - this leads into a small room with a bonus totem and skyport (and unknown upgrade). Back in the main room, there is machine gun ammo, health, crates, and a life door on the Room C lower level.

Room D comes next. This has a grid floor and drones. There is machine gun ammo, and four doors: a life force, two normal, and a green key door. The floor of D has a ? upgrade, fly guys, a teddy bear on the right and one in the crates.

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Jet Force Gemini Walkthrough

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