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Go through the door to E - there is a giant guy on a dual-walkway floor. Get the red key, machine gun and plasma shotgun ammo. Now you can go over the water room to the red key door. The floor of E has crates, drones, life and 2 machine gun ammos.

You now go through the pair of red doors at the middle of Room A again. Note that this is now a shortcut if you come back - you can just jump to this red track and keep going.

You go on a curved track over green stuff - grab the bears quickly or the enemies will shoot them! There are 3 bears in the water. There is a yellow key door. The tubes both lead to a room with water, a yellow key, and a sniper rifle. Go back to the yellow key door.

Now you're in a fire room with Gemini Capacity Increase (to 8). Note that if you fly behind the circle you get a shocker box, and if you go down the tunnel you get a TON of upgrades that you'll have to use later - four tri rocket increases, four homing missile increases, two grenade increases and a cluster bomb increase. This is easy for Juno, since he can walk on lava. And at the very end of this path is a door only Juno can open - with his hatch key!!

That's it, you get to a round room and exit the level!

8/15 bears, in around 20:00

Jet Force Gemini Walkthrough

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