Planescape Torment
Master Index

Try not to read ahead! This game has ton of neat surprises in it. If you have any tips to add in, be sure to email me! I'll be sure to credit you in the notes!

Inside: Middle Floor
Inside: Top Floor
Inside: Lower Floor

Hive: East (monument)
Masoleum (off Hive: East)
Hive: Twisted Angles
Hive: West (merchants)
Hive: Southeast (smoldering corpse)
Painted Door (off SE with Annah)
Hive: North (flophouse)

Ragpicker Square
Trash Warrens
Buried Village

Weeping Stone Catacombs
Dead Nations Catacombs
Drowned Nations Catacombs
Warren of Thought

Alley of Sighs & Lingering Sighs
Lower Ward
Upper/Clerk's Ward
Civic Festhall
Player's Maze

Ravel's Maze
Curst Underground
Curst Gone
Fortress of Regrets

Walkthrough Master Index

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