Red Alert Walkthrough: Allied 10


Now send the troop south through the main corridor, hugging the east edge. You'll pass guys in a doorway; you can ignore them. The corridor turns east. Heal all of your guys up. Put everybody in the corner where the turn is (SW corner). Take 1 rifleman south, he will enter a room full of stationary mammoth tanks. To his W are some barrels. Shoot one and then rejoin the rest of the group (fast). As you rejoin, a bunch of people will run down into the room that you just blew up the barrels in. Now a reduced staff guards the 'next objective'. You should be able to get through this next part with 4 riflemen. Go to the mouth of a room to the east. If you send 2 right and 2 left, work your way into the room and kill guys 1 at a time, healing in between battles. You have to do this quickly; the guys that ran below will return shortly. Send the engineer N out of that room; everyone else has to retreat West.

Be careful with the engineer. He has to stay left; there's a dog in the deactivation room. If he stays on the western edge, he can get up to the deactivation point without the dog seeing him.

The final place is in the NE corner of the board. Send your guards back past the starting point, now going NE. Grab everybody along the way. You come to a break in the corridor; go North. Stay east and go north. Keep heading that direction; that'll take you to the last spot. Trail the engineer behind so he doesn't get hit. That should do it!

Mission 10 start

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