Red Alert Walkthrough: Allied 13


Next, send a single rifleman west out of the southerly room, with a medic and engineer. If you have a spare rifleman kill the rest of the stuff in the room, you get reinforcements. Shoot the barrels at the w end of the room. There are 2 consoles on the wall; have the engineer get to them. The first blows up a turret in the central room; the second blows up a console in the corridor up top above the 5 mammoth tanks. If you push the rifleman down along the corridor, you'll see another barrel near 1 flamethrower. Go 1 step past there, and the flamethrower guy will come at you. Wait until he's near the barrels before you kill him. Don't activate the console in this room yet (if you want more points - this will be the last console).

Send a group of riflemen and an engineer out the SE entrance to the central room. There are a couple of enemies at the bend in the corner; kill them. Head S down the corridor. Go west across the top of the room. On the W side is a console with a dog; stay above the boxes, kill the dog, then the engineer can hit the console. Kill the remaining enemy. There's another room to the east with 1 rifleman; get him too. Hit the 2 consoles in this room. One of them deactivates the turret in the upper R corner of the middle room. At this point there should be no evil flame turrets left. Now get all your riflemen into the central room to get the engineers to those consoles. There are in total 8 computer consoles, 9 which deactivate enemy turrets, and 1 that activates a friendly turret.

Stand your forces in groups of 4 and 5 below the mammoth tanks. Blow them up. After that, heal them up, divvy them into 4 groups and send a group at each of the 4 forces above where the mammoth tanks were. You may have to activate that crate you saved (if you still have it) to get through here. Troop the riflemen up the corridor; kill a dog, you get to 4 crates. Three are money, the fourth is healing. If you have time, send everybody W to clean out the forces you skipped before. To end the mission, have that last engineer hit the console.

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