Red Alert Walkthrough: Morse Code


to cinc pacom
> say again fomic acid
roger that what is it
> acid ants use
for what purpose
> killing neutralizing
describe slash marks
> like big knives
> checking twelve inches
> marks on head less
> some marks some acid
do you hear humming
> negative on humming
do you spot small hills
> affirmative not on map
how far your location
> six clicks
investigate now
> looking for what
giant ants
> like some sci fi flick
serious all areas
giant ants
> roger that
> use raid
no joke
ants ten feet high
> whats humming mean
ant radar
watch out
> I hear some now
get out of there
respond get out of there

dispatch ends

action ignore respond
ignore use deep cover
ants that big
never happened
system alert
sectors report now
> alpha sector negative
> charlie sector negative
> bravo sector none
delta sector
delta sector report
all sectors tune delta
confirm deaths
> red alert red alert
> giant ants spooted [their misspelling]
identify sector
> echo sector
number size
> maybe one hundred huge
fire at will
> targeting fire
> oh god I cannot
come in echo sector
echo sector dead
come in echo sector
echo sector dead

I've been told by various people that 'cinc pacom' is 'Commander In Chief, Pacific Command' - so it should always have a 'c' in the middle. Apparently they have a few spelling problems in their morse translation. Must've been the excitement of the Killer Ants.

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