Zoo Tycoon Walkthrough

Choose which level of Zoo Tycoon you'd like assistance with! Try not to read ahead - most of the fun of playing Zoo Tycoon is building your own style of zoo! Sometimes, though, there is a trick or special item you need to make an animal truly happy. Be sure to read Tutorial 3 if you're having difficulty with making your animals happy. I also have specific notes on particular animals in the tutorials.

1: Game Controls
2: Basic Gameplay
3: Making Animals Happy

Beginner Levels
1: Small Zoo
2: Seasideville Zoo
3: Forest Zoo

Advanced Levels
4: Revitalize Burkitsville Zoo
5: Inner City Zoo
6: Saving the Great Cats

Intermediate Levels
7: Endangered Species Zoo
8: African Savannah Zoo

Advanced Levels
9: Tropical Rainforest Zoo
10: Paradise Island

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