Dark Cloud 2 Walkthrough:
Listing of Inventions & Photo Combinations

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Recipe found: downstairs bookshelf at fix-it shop
Refrigerator: blue with watermelon in it in back left of pumpkin-fronted general store
Small generator: -
Traffic Light: Above the bridge that crosses the little stream in town

Recipe found: general store with pumpkins out front
Wooden Box: tons everywhere
Hmmm! Jurak: special scoop photo from later in the game
Giant Yorda Tree: at end of one path in Chapter 3 dungeon

Recipe found: On barrel in left side of bar by station
River: big river in the center of town
Trashcan: lots around town
Water Tank: -

Recipe found: in clinic by pond after Chapter 1 is done
System 5Wp2:
Belt: on police captain
Car: in bar by station

Recipe found: in town hall
post: in sherrif's office
deer horn: right in Mayor's office with recipe
work robot:

Recipe found: told to you by townsperson
belt: on sherrif
moon: in sky

Recipe found: told to you by girl in town hall
wheel: on wall in bar by station
fright train: in station

Recipe found: Claire's house
clown robo's attack: special in first dungeon
pipe: on roof of fix-it shop
parasol: on back of coffee shop

Recipe found: ? I forgot
wheel: wall of bar by station
freight train: in station
vegetables: ?

Recipe found: Claire's house
waterfall: start of first dungeon
palm tree:

Recipe found: Lin's house in chapter 3
fountain: by train station
waterfall: start of first dungeon
bottle: everywhere

Recipe found: Church in chapter 3
rifle: dad's room
runaway dragon: chapter 3

Listing of Inventions & Photo Combinations

Dark Cloud 2 Walkthrough

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