Dark Cloud 2 Walkthrough:
Listing of Inventions & Photo Combinations

Weapons and Amulets

Anti-Petrify Amulet
Recipe found: in clinic by pond after Chapter 1 is done
Clock: in train station
Morning sun: in sky in morning
Jurak's Eye: in Firbit village when GeoModding

Anti-Curse Amulet
Recipe found: in church after Chapter 1 is done
Holy emblem: church built in chapter 3
Saint writings: church built in chapter 3
Hmmmm! Jurak: scoop picture

Trumpet Gun
Recipe found: in furbit house, Chapter 2
Rapper: in fix-it shop
Fountain: by train station
Tree: by your house

Wise Owl Sword
Recipe found: bottom level of weapon shop
Tree: Found near your home in town, once you can get past the clowns
Grass: Not found until Chapter 2, in Sindain. You'll see the tufty patches by the house
Charging Ram: Chapter 3, dungeons

Grenade Launcher
Recipe found: Stara (person with hat)
Chimney: lots of houses
egg: clinic
fountain: by station

Improved Bomb
Recipe found: guy in church
candle: church
coal: train engine
egg: clinic

Listing of Inventions & Photo Combinations

Dark Cloud 2 Walkthrough

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