The Getaway Walkthrough:
01: The Frightener

This mission is really annoying because they throw you RIGHT into things without even giving you a chance to get used to the controls or how they work or anything. And not only do you have to start out right away driving a car, but it is in a TIMED CAR CHASE. Not very nice!!

The best I can say is to go right and then follow the blinkers. There's a series of turns but you have to stay right behind the car you're chasing, otherwise you lose them and the mission ends. It may take you a few tries to get the hang of the English roads and the car physics.

At the end of the run it'll be a left, another sharp left, and you'll see their car ahead parked by a door. Note that this is a "checkpoint" so if you fail after this you don't have to chase the car again! That's good at least.

Now the shootout. Again, they couldn't give you a reasonable number of guys to take on?? No, you have to go whole-hog into a well guarded warehouse. Ah well. In general, shooting around corners is useful, shooting blindly works well. You stay safe.

To start with, shoot out the parking area guys from the safety of the entry door. Blow up the barrels by stairs on left. When it's clear here, head in and poke around corners, shooting guys as you go. There is NO health - you have to stop and lean on a wall to get healthy again.

Work your way into the back room. When you get there, you talk to Charlie, the boss. You learn that he wants to use you as a pawn in his little territory game, and that the police now suspect you as the murderer of your own wife.

The Getaway Walkthrough

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