The Getaway Walkthrough:
05: Taxi for Mr. Chai

When you get back, you decide to sneak around and look for your son.

"Stay Here". Don't - follow him and go right. Follow along behind him. Remember, NO SHOOTING. Then left and knock out the brown jacket guy.

Go under the stairwell as guys come down and then sneak up the stairs. They're torturing a guy. At the stair top go against the wall and over to the door. Now wait for the guys to leave. Then crouch down and go across to left along the half-wall.

A guy comes in but doesn't see you (you're behind that low partition) and leaves again. Now go into the middle room and across to back room. Knock out a brown shirt guy in there. Now you reach the last room.

You get to Charlie's office. Then they send you to deliver the tortured guy and you drop him in Chinatown.

The Getaway Walkthrough

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