The Getaway Walkthrough:
07: Filthy Business

Now you're coming out of Yardie Land. You're really upset about being set up. Harry calls you. Charlie wants McCormick cold. He has Yasmin so Charlie wants him dead to. There's a phone van to steal. When you find the big building with the parking lot blocked off, head along that wall keeping it on your right. It'll turn into a brick wall. The van is along the white row of buildings to the left.

Sorry about the smoke, but the van you're seeking is right ahead. See the brick wall on thr right?

Then when you find it, hop in and run down the other phone van, so they can't get to the cops first. go straight to statue then 90 left at statue and zig zag in that direction - he'll be on a main commercial street. He drives normally until you hit him and then he takes off once you do - then it's a raco do him in. He shoudl be pretty smoking after your solid sideswipe so you can track him from afar from the black plume. Your truck is pretty durable.

Chasing the Other Van.

Then you get to the cop place.

Follow signs up to the evidence locker. Get a gun. Go out - he's there in suspenders - shoot him a few times and when he runs right, you run left. Go across through room in left, kill guys along the way, and across the hall to the 'first door on left' after you come up the stairs, go around to bacck of the room and follow him down stairs shooting him. You'll run into police armed with machine guns instead of pistols. You follow him around to his office where you kill him. It seems he'll only die there. You let Yasmin go. Get out front door

The Getaway Walkthrough

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