The Getaway Walkthrough:
08: A Touch of Class

They want you to pick up a stripper down at a bar. You head out with Yasmin to do so. If you have to switch cars Yasmin is not smart sometimes and stays outside - get out and in to get her in with you.

This is the street heading towards the Touch of Class.

This is looking at the Touch of Class building

Go towards the strip club. Shoot the guard at front, then head down the stairs and shoot guys inside. Cool funky rock beat. Did you know the word "funk" originally referred to the smell of sex?

Anyway, kill everyone - you can do most of it from the safety of the lower doorway. If you shoot the bottles on the bar it flames :)

When you reach the back room it's over. At the end, you learn that Layla is dead. Yasmin puts on the cowgirl outfit.

The Getaway Walkthrough

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