The Getaway Walkthrough:
12 - Aboard the Sol Vita

This is Hammond's final mission.

You yell out the window after Alex. Head down to the car and now you have to find your way to the boat. I've tried to make this easy with landmarks.

Go *right* out of the building and take first left. You're now on a main road At circle around monument - with a white arch with green winged thing on top - go halfway around onto red brick road in gardens.

Now you're at a smaller roundabout with red brick and stone lions and stone thing in center.

Go halfway and then turn left in front of big state buildings. Now you're on a road that has a grey brick stripe in ctr of two red brick drive areas.

Now you see Big Ben ahead on the right. You want to get on the road going across the river across by Big Ben.

As you cross the river, you can see the Ferris wheel on the left. This is the Charing Cross area. Go around grey stepped bldg in front of you, under tunnel area to right under blue dome building and out. Go left. Then right at wood fence. Come out sharp left.

You'll pass a crane on your left. Go straight. You'll reach a roundabout circle with a stone pillar in center - go straight through.

Head towards an over pass and under it.

Now your turn signal blinks right but there's no right to take. Turn right at a church looking thing - go straight. Head along the brick wall. You're pretty much there now.

When you get onto the boat, there are a bunch of guys top side then off to the left. Make your way to the superstructure. She goes around the right - you can go with her or go around the left. If you get too close to her she advances and can get into danger if she's alone. Best thing to do is not go near her until they've cleared things out. Go up, stay near entrance and do your killing.

Once you get to your son, this half of the game is over and you now play as the cop.

The Getaway Walkthrough

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