The Getaway Walkthrough:
21: The Jolson Files

You go to the warehouse. Put away your weapons, "these two look suspicous". They talk. Sneak up behind guy on right and bust him. Then in door - second guy. Now listen around door to discussion. One guy comes through your door - go get him quickly. Now back into main room. Left side of boxes. 2 guys walk towards you. Watch them talk. Follow the guy that comes towards you. Let him talk then get the bald guy. Now go further right. Down into the stairs.

Now 2 guys talking again. Go in after the green guy by the tv. Next hide behind wall on left and grab second guy as he comes in. Around the corner - done

"Let's go and lay the table"

See Charlie leaving the cell ... then hear them talking inside the cell. Same long scene

The Getaway Walkthrough

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