Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Walkthrough

This is a great game for all ages. There are fun puzzles, a bit of arcade action, and the familiar Harry Potter setting.

Escaping Home
The Burrow

Diagon Alley
Getting to the Alley
Getting your Spellbook
Leaky Cauldron
Magical Menagerie
Joke Shop

Getting to Hogwarts
Getting to Hedwig Spot
Gytrashes and Trees

Day 1
Talking and Exploring

Day 2
Flying Lessons

Day 2 - Nighttime
Neville is Stuck

Day 3
Dark Arts Dueling Lessons
Quidditch Practice

Day 3 - Nighttime
Hogwarts: A History
Ectoplasm and an Ambush

Day 4
Transfiguration and Avifors Challenge
Quidditch Match: Hufflepuff

Day 4 - Nighttime
Polyjuice and Malfoy

Day 5
Charms and Incendio Challenge
Quidditch Match: Ravenclaw

Day 5 - Nighttime
Tom Riddle and the Spiders

Day 6
Final Match against Slytherin

Day 6 - Nighttime
The Chamber of Secrets

Day 7
The Final Day - End of Game

Other Notes
Wizard Card Listing
Spell and Chest Listing
Cauldron and Vial Locations
Helping Friends find Lost Items
Quests Around the School
Gnome Tossing Fun
Broom Racing

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Review

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