NeverWinter Nights Walkthrough:
Port Llast: Luskan Center

Just another warning to make sure you finish ALL previous quests before you enter here, because you're going to lose the items when you come in.

OK Gregor Armiste needs help. Help him out and learn that Baram and Kurth both fight over rulership of the town. To the left is the Cutlass. Aruph runs it and gives you general info. Londa on the left wants her children saved from Baram in the sewers. Elynwyd on the right wants his sister Evaine saved from Kurath, and gives you a ring.

Judale's estate is nearby. This is for a quest with Erb later on.

Up to the northeast is an empty house.

Across the bridge is a brothel, the Wink and Tinkle. Bela is there and says to talk to Oreth upstairs. You do and he tells you about Kurth - opening in the ruins of the old tower. For Baram the sewers have a back entrance in a sewer grate west of the brothel, by the stores. He gives you a key for both.

Erb is there and wants you to rescue his ring back from Lady Jadale. He gave it to her and now fears her hubby will slay him if he realizes they were lovers. Yvette had a baby and Galrone took it from her. He's north in the slums.

OK, go to Lady J and persuade her that Erb will be hurt. She'll give you the ring. Go to the slum buildings to the north and find Galrone. Buy the child for 1000g. Give Erb the ring for 500g and 150xp. Give Yvette the baby plus 250gp and get +7 good and 150xp.

Colmer in the shop to the left says his lab is in the sewers. Note that he sells bags of holding! In the Temple of Tyr you learn from Aarin Gend that Lady A is gone. He says to get docs from the Captains and he'll forge you a pass to get in to the wizards. In the slum building by the contraption guy is a portal to an altar room - you get a Blade of the Rashemi - 2d6 +2.

There are lots of sewers to explore. From a circle building in the SW is a route through sewers with bugbears. You come out by a statue in a new map area. There's a Priestess of Auril nearby and various monsters. A building has Voleron the Damned inside. A corpse here has a note from Kurth saying he's taken Burke's mansion and that Burke is talking with Voleron. Put the skull head on the altar. On lvl 1 take out the zombies and a friendly golem comes. Do the NW first, then the sw. THere's a big battle with six strong guys - one is 'hero'. Put the hero's heart on the hand for lvl 2. Now to the se are shadows, ne are mummies. SW are more shadows, nw is the final area. Go south - water elemental guards. Get blessed water and put on stone. Final level - go straight across then poke down and drag creatures up to do singly. Kill Voleron - great hammers and axes, and you're done.

OK back on the main second map - get up to the door in the northeast. This is Kurath's Lair. There are book burners - grab Burke's Manual from teh shelf. He's worried aboutKurth using the portal. To close - sphere w/celestia water plus abyssal metal. Go se, find key on jailor foropening doors. Find Tolan Losen, offer to accompany, +3 good. In teh next area - s is bedroom with another Burke's manual (in case you missed the first one) and a smooth token (i.e. abyssal metal). Now northeast - water sphere is in the fountain. Portal - look in with lore success - see the Abyss. Put in the metal. Lore - connects outer planes, can summon demons. Add the water - destroyed.

Now the center door - Kurth and priestess. Kill them and get Kurth's head. There's a prison key in the chest. Seal in bedroom's chest. Now find Evaine - she teleports out. Go back to Elynwyd and refuse his reward money for +3 good and 250xp.

From the main map, head into the sewer hole. The lever of wind iss in the SE in the chest. There's an amulet on the ghoul lord. To the southwest is an outcast who needs that amulet. He and his brother were wizards who tried to be liches. Give him that amulet to get the lever of water and 150xp. You get the sewer control kep. Use this in the top left to enter the lab.

To the northeast is Baram's Lair. He says he'll release the kids if you bring him Kurth's head - that Kurth is with the Auril Priestesses. When you bring him Kurth's head he laughs and says he ate Londa's children. Lovely! Head in to fight him. You find Yuanti with parchment - message to "sisters" to help Baran, signed Maugrim. Fight through his forces in to his actual lair. In there there is a bone spirit ritual and a shrine spirit ritual. Kill the monsters and then bash the stones. In the southwest are spiders with Londa's nanny - she gives you a teddy bear and leaves. You get a necromancer's journal saying the statues are fired. Now head northeast and kill Baram and his buddies. His seal is in the chest. Gives this to Aarin and get 1000xp and the pass to FINALLY get in the tower.

Note when you give Londa the bear you get 112 xp an a vault key. This is east of the gnome shpo, down sw corner of the sewer map. There are four chests with misc weapons.

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