NeverWinter Nights Walkthrough:
Getting your Training

Every game begins with training to get you used to how the interface works. NeverWinter Nights has a pretty unusual interface involving dragging and pointing. It's almost keyboard-free if you want to play it that way. It takes a little while to get used to, but give it time. You'll find it really easy to use after a short while.

The training rooms are very intuitive, as you learn how to do simple skills and then get more and more complex. Don't worry about buying a secondary weapon at the shop before you get to the weapons training, because there are weapons in the racks that you can use.

You start out hearing about a plague that's in NeverWinter city, called the "Wailing Death". Lady Aribeth called for a champion, and you're one of the ones who responded to the call. You start the game in the training room, ready for your training.

You meet Pavel, a recruit who is here with his brother Bim. He tells you there are rumors of a plague cure. You talk to Bim who gives you the basics of gameplay - the camera angles, etc. Once you're set with him, you go through the door.

Now you meet Olgerd, who teaches you how stores work. You can buy things from him, but there's really no reason to. Talk to him about the plague, and learn that Khelben "Blackstaff" Arunsun is a mage who found a cure from reagents from rare and exotic beasts. Head out to the right.

You meet Berna who teaches you about maps and journals. In this little library area is a book you can grab - The Northern Four Adventuring Troupe.

Now to combat training. First you meet Herben who gives you a general introduction to combat. In the room is Erdan and Gilbert who are trainees who don't want to talk. You find Dendy who wants to test you in Melee. Just hit him once with a melee weapon to finish this. Now find Hewett the missile instructor, and fire an arrow to the target to the right. Be sure to grab the arrows from the rack.

Ferdinand lets you in to the menagerie to see the creatures he has. Now talk to Herben again, and you're all set. Time to head south to Lady Aribeth.

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