NeverWinter Nights Walkthrough:
Under Attack

Pretty much the moment you talk to Lady Aribeth you get attacked by goblins and skeletons. She gives you a key and says you must protect the Waterdhavian creatures, who hold the secret to a cure to the plague. OK, really you just go from room to room now slaying any enemy you find. Work your way up through the rooms. You're now the "savior of the under attack training room" so feel free to break open any barrels or chests you find, to gather up potions and healing kits.

There's a door to the southeast on the map, and a mage appears when you go through there. Then he disappears. You now find Pavel in a room. Have him join you. You should find a book on Neverwinter Wood in here. There are 2 doors and now you've found skeletons. When you reach the outer door, you meet Geldar who talks to you and helps you level up.

To the south is a book on The Nether Scrolls. A bit further on is Waterdeep and Uthgar's Legacy. Now you hit th ecentral room and kill the mage. Be sure to check the boxes. You find Fenthick Moss and Desther Indelayre under attack, and a dryad that runs away. Pavel leaves you at this point. Fenthick asks you for help, and you level up again. You leave the area.

You get a video about how the academy was destroyed, and the Waterdhavian creatures were lost.

NeverWinter Nights Walkthrough Index

Walkthrough Index

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