NeverWinter Nights Walkthrough:
Helm's Hold

You didn't think it was that easy, did you? OK, you're now in Helm's Hold. First you run into Bregnan. Talk with him - he thinks Desther is fine. If you charm him, he admits that he had his concerns and that Desther made him destroy a key bridge. Doh!

Skeletons and a cave can be found over to the right. In there is Johnny, who says Desther is upset at being overlooked. Dumal is second in charge. Johnny is a merchant.

There are lots of zombies and corpses here. Yuri the Knife is in one cell - if you free him and he runs to warn the others. You have to kill him to stop him. I just talk to him and then leave him there. In another cell is Dumal who explains that Desther just wanted to attack NeverWinter, and used Helm's Hold as a launching area. He apparently didn't bring the plague though - he just took advantage of it.

OK, now head over across the bridge. You'll meet a visage that tells you Desther served his purpose and now tries to defy his fate. Go into the courtyard. The corpse right by the doorway holds a gem. The gem activates some robotic "friends" that help you kill the enemies. I actually don't like to use the gem until the end because I want to kill all the enemies (and get all the XP) myself.

I head right. Working your way around, Chaohinon of the Void is in the top right. He wants the Black Grimoire ritual book in the study. I refuse to free him and take the book. Up center is a book of Helm on a shelf. South of here is where the 'main entrance' is - you can put the gem on the pedestal if you want to activate the robots to help you out.

OK southwest. There are stairs down to the caves here but you've already been there. Now that this floor is clear, go back north and upstairs to the second floor. You find Fenthick who says the Helmites cursed people with their "blessings". He's very upset. Go up again.

The room left and straight is the final room so clear out the other two first. Then go in to kill Desther. Kill the rest before starting in on him. He gives up and you get 300xp. He doesn't say much to you.

When the chapter ends, Desther is tortured and poor Fenthick is hung. Lady A is very upset but doesn't say anything about it. You now move on to Chapter 2: Port Llast

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