Splinter Cell Walkthrough

The graphics on this game are just *amazing*. The way the light falls across you under lattice, through venetian blinds, in smoke, through cut-metal, it really draws you in. And the sounds are key, too! Your senses really have to be sharp to get through this game.

General Hints and Tips
Cool Grimsdottir Secret
FAQ: PowerPlant Level

CIA Training Farm: Aug 7 2004
Handling the Training

T'Bilisi Georgia: Oct 16 2004
Finding the Contact
Locating Two Computers
The Police Station Basement

Ministry of Defense: Oct 16 2004
Getting to the Glass Elevator
Getting to Grinko

GFO Oil Rig: Oct 31 2004
Learning About the Ark

CIA Headquarters: Oct 31 2004
Getting To the Server
Getting Dougherty's Info and Body

Kalinatek Building: Nov 1 2004
Saving the Programmers
Saving Ivan

Chinese Embassy, Yangon, Myanmar: Nov 11 2004
Getting To the Contact
Getting the Information

Mouke Tsoe Bo meats, Yangon, Myanmar: Nov 11 2004
Getting To the Stables
Saving the Prisoners

Chinese Embassy, Yangon, Myanmar: Nov 12 2004
Getting To the Eye Scanner
Getting To the Exit

Presidential Palace: Nov 12 2004
Getting To the Elevator
Winning the Game

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