Way of the Samurai Walkthrough

This is a great game, sort of like a version of the movie Groundhog Day, or the game Majora's Mask. It's the same two day period, that you start over again many, many times. But each time you do those two days, you can choose to do many things differently. Once you get to know how the people act and what the plots are, it gets to be great fun!

The Background
The Basic Plot
A Printable Map
The Kuroa Clan
The Akadama Clan
Other Townsfolk

The Tutorials
The Basics
The Intermediate Stuff
The Advanced Lesson

The Scenarios
The Perfect Ending [1]
The Townsfolk Ending [2]
The Akadama-Kuroa Together Ending [3]
The Kuroa Ending [4]
The Akadama Ending [5]
The Sell-Out Ending [6]

The Swords
All About Swords
Chuyo-tou (initial sword)
Black (doku, abashiri)
Green (uraotogi)

The Rankings
General Ranking Information
Getting the Highest Rankings
Getting the Lowest Rankings
Special: The Beast King
Special: Random Slasher
Special: Rich Samurai
* Picture of the Entire Record Screen *

The Features to Unlock
Special Features

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